Oh hello there, nice to meet you!

Substation Paperie is a mom and pop design, paper & stationery company specializing in rubber stamps, paper goods, logo design and more! Graphic design is my passion and i’m so happy i’m able to share my love for design and stationery with all of you.

Why I have an obsession with stamps specifically…because they are imperfect…textured…& oh so beautiful.

A little story about how we were born…
You know those electrical Substation plants you see on the corner in your neighborhood? Okay, well maybe not everyone has those, but we did. In 2013, when my husband and I got married, we moved into our new apartment, next to one of those substations, right below the electrical lines….zzzaaaap! It was here in our little yellow home that I decided to leave the comfort of my 9-5 and start this new venture, creating the things that I loved. I was scared but ready.

Why Substation?
The substation represented a space where all my ideas could come together and then be transformed into tangible products and ideas that I could share and deliver into your homes & hands. I loved that as odd as it was, this substation was a small piece of a larger journey.

So here I am today, doing what I love, selling what I love, to the people I love! Welcome to my little shop, I hope you enjoy it!


My Design Process:
All items in my shop are designed and shipped with love from my shared office space in Glendale, CA. I use various manufacturers to help make your products superb!

Everything in my shop has been designed from scratch. Rather than using pre-purchased templates or layouts, each design is carefully thought out and designed with a great deal of love and consideration. I hand draw most of the elements, but also use a number of vintage motifs from old dictionaries. One of my favorite things to do is search for unique fonts and vintage imagery, and I’m always on the hunt for eye catching elements that will bring new life to each design. I love simple, chic designs and do my best to create a cohesive feel throughout my shop.

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